Google Launches Bolo, its Speech-Based Reading-Tutor App

Google Launches Bolo, its Speech-Based Reading-Tutor App

With internet services and the smartphone revolution reaching an all-time high throughout India, especially Rural India, there are a host of opportunities for companies to enter the market and create opportunities for people.

Google latches on to the opportunity and has launched its new Android App, Bolo, which is a speech-based reading tutor for the kids in rural areas, who generally do not have access to a great education system. The App has been launched first in India and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

With the state of the schooling system in rural areas and the dependency on the government-run schools, Google hopes to change this with the advent of the internet and use of smartphones.

The Bolo app is currently built for native Hindi speaking users, where it helps the children to improve their Hindi and English reading skills. The app also hosts stories which engage the children and also help them improve their comprehension skills. The app is designed in such a way that the children when using it do not need much help and uses Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech technology to help the children. Google aims to provide free content on the app for the children and is trying to get more content.

Google has added in-app rewards and badges so as to increase its popularity and usage amongst children. Word games and an animated digital assistant called Diya are also a part of the app. The digital assistant helps read the text loud to the children and also explains the meaning of the text. The assistant can speak English and Hindi so as to help the children and also encourages the kids to learn more by giving them compliments after they finish a task.

The app can easily be shared amongst multiple kids and it shares a personalized experience for all. The app is also high on privacy and Google states that it collects images and voice data, which is stored locally, so as to help the app. Google is working with partners to refine the app, currently in beta, so as to reach more children.

The app is currently undergoing tests and Google is planning to add more features to it in the future, so as to help children improve their vocabulary. The app can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store and it works with all Android phones which work on KitKat OS and above.

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